I love reading.

How much do I read these days? None to a book. (T T)

I blame parenthood to this problem. Children that steal my time to read. Nonstop housework that makes time is less than 24 hours a day.

I am tired all the time. I don’t have time nor energy to indulge into one thing that can make me human. My cup is empty and soul is drained.

Then I came to this post talking about priority. There’s no such thing as no time to read. Its all about how you arrange your priorities. And it got me hard.

From there I googled how moms set aside time for reading. Many shared.

Im sticking to these few suggestions.

  1. Before bedtime, I will set my phone to flight mode for 10 minutes. I need a quality 10 minutes of reading.
  2. I’ll pack a book or 2 with me all the time i’m out of the house.
  3. I’ll try to read whenever I can. In between house works, while waiting for the light to turn red, while overseeing the kids play.
  4. I’m going to set a house rule, reading time, 30 minutes a day.

The thing is, I’ve only managed to follow number 1 & 2. But its ok. We live to improve and become better. Not to change drastically and return to the old self.

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